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You’ve done the reps. Now it’s time to master your inner game.

Gen Z athletes need a different solution

Athletes we work with are STUCK in “survival stress” mode which shows up as: 

  • Anxiousness
  • ​Overwhelm
  • ​Inconsistency
  • ​Shutting Down
  • ​Disconnection

We promise, if you are experiencing this, you aren’t alone. How do we know?

We have worked with 1000's of athletes. They all mention feeling these things and they ALL want 3 things: motivation, confidence and to be a better leader.

The good news: Understanding the simple science of stress and how you are wired is the #gamechanger that gets you past thinking and into consistent action. 

AQ Athletics teaches you how to build wins in your life & your sport.

What is the AQ Performance System?

  • A six-week program that helps you increase your winning %
  • Simple breakdown of the AQ Athletics 5 Step Method and weekly coaching
  • ​​Transformational weekly tracking reps that brings you inner change
  • ​​Unique athlete testing, before and after markers to track success, habit tracking, text reminders, immediate action steps...

There’s a reason 100% of past participants would recommend AQ to a friend- It works!

Hello, I’m Stasia

I help high-level high school, college, and professional athletes learn the science and action that is behind optimized and consistent performances. 

I love combining what I learned in the athletic arena as a former 20 + year coach, and D1 athlete, with the work I did outside of sport as a trauma, addictions and family systems therapist.  

Bringing the two worlds together with the work I currently do as a Stress Management professor at a leading aviation college has been life changing! Teaching athletes the internal skills they need to crush it in EVERY aspect of their life is #lifegoals.

Hi! I’m Ray!

I am a former baseball college athlete who went on to serve and grow my leadership skills in the US Air Force.

After six years of service, I went on to help build a world-renowned family owned business. Recently, I joined my wife Stasia to support AQ Athletics because I’m passionate about growing our mission– helping Gen Z athletes master their inner game so they can have more wins in sport (and life). 

High-Performing Athletes Trust AQ

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